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October 12, 2006

Is that hat really you or what ?

Need a new Sunday Hat? then step on over to see Ms. May the owner of The Hat Library in Oakland. Ladies Ms. May has some fantastic hats at her store. Just click the link above to go to their site.

Not only do they have the latest in hat fashions but now they’ll be showcasing my latest note cards so run on in and pick up a few and send an old fashioned note to your best friend cuz remember a good friend is like a good hat….hard to find!

Before I let y’all go I was wondering have you ever noticed that a new hat and a new man have a lot in common? When you first spot it you’re like damn that hat looks good wonder how it’s gonna look on me and when you see that man for the first time you’re like man he’s fine wonder what he’d look like standin in a picture with me….well you know Ms Mattie always said make sure the style and color of yo hat fit’s the personality of the woman underneath it so you may want to hold off buyin’ it until you’ve tried it on a few times and ladies I think the same can be said about that good lookin new man you spotted ….take your time before you take him home.

Ok enjoy the pictures of Ms. May’s hats and the pages from my sketchbook.

Be blessed and enjoy life !

Karen Renee