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The clock is ticking

Ok so it’s crunch time!! When we last spoke my son had just turned 19 and I had just a month to get ready for the Vallejo Art, Wine & Jazz festival (which is partly the reason why I haven‘t posted to my blog).

Well today is August 20th and I can honestly say that most of my tasks have been completed (smile)

I was able to purchase a pop up tent for shade, got my display walls, re-designed how my both will be set up . Got most of my new products together and packaged nicely….sounds like everything has been going great right?! Wrong! I would not be me with out having some sort of life drama…..so here’s the g-rated not depressing version and when you finish reading this entry you will see why I try to make my works honor the Lord….that’s right I’m trying hard to gain good favor with the Lord.

My printer has decided that it will print any and everything that it can in color except my images….. So with 3 days left to actually prepare for the re-launching of my art business I have not been able to print out copies of my images to add to the bible covers that I will be offering for purchase AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the frustration....oh well guess I'll just pray and see what happens.

Be blessed & enjoy life!


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