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Where does the time go??

Wow where does the time go??

It seems like yesterday when I said I was going to take a few days off from updating my blog and all things associated with my art ….but my goodness 2 days turned into 2 weeks!!! So let me bring you up to speed .....while I was napping my son turned 19 !! (he’s old….I’m still 35 or that‘s what my bio says anyway) My new Sunday hat came and I’m still seeing the Houston hats when I close my eyes!!!

Ok so enough of the hats …..It’s the 23rd of July and the Vallejo Art & Jazz festival is August 25th so I’m back in rush mode trying to get ready for my 1st show in over a year!!

Hey that reminds me… you are gonna come and check me out at the Vallejo Art & Jazz festival right???

Ok so back to the madness….getting ready for the Festival …now this will only be my 2nd outdoor festival and so I need a better way to present my work. 1st I call this company that makes display panels and they quote me $3,000.….hmm that won’t work….so I place an ad on Craig’s list….you got it no response to date…heard from another artist about a guy selling panels …mmm hunh right again he had just sold them…. Ok so I found a stand in the Art store’s catalog that might work and I rush right down to take a look at it & try to make a purchase ….well you guessed it again they don’t sell them at the store only thru the catalog and it takes from 2-3 weeks, for delivery !!

Now remember my original question, Wow where does the time go?!?

When everything else goes left …I turn right … pray and make some art….going upstairs to paint …be blessed & enjoy life …see ya tomorrow.

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