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The " Face of Essence" herself stopped by !!!!

Now after 3 days in Texas, KT and I have learned not to mess with the Texan’s and they have stayed real real friendly!!!

It’s time to set up her booth at the festival ….it’s a good thing we are both wearing tank tops so the girls were able to convince a couple of guys to help us unload that van and get the booth set up….you heard me right!!! We’d still be there unloadin today if we hadn’t …..

so now let me tell you my gurl was the bell of the ball !!! There were so many folks walkin around with her lil purple and lavender bags that the other “Superstar artists” were coming around to seeee who she was…and you know I was slippin my cards in all those bags right ???

Well so now word got around soo much that the face of Essence herself came into the booth and bought a few items as well as placed an order for more !!! We met Susan Taylor !!!!


KT may have no time for me in the near future as MTV…BET and all kind of folks was snappin pictures of that booth !!!!

We met Tina Knowles (that’s right mother of Ms. Bootylicious herself!) see the pics below ….. Karen n Mrs Knowles

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