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Road trip....Essence Festival here we come.....

So now you know my life has been crazy hectic with updatin’ my website (www.karenrogersrobinson.com) and all….so I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not but my friend Karin T and I went to the Essence Festival to sell her wares (karinsart.com) which explains why you haven’t seen a posting from me in a while…..

Ok so we drove down to Houston in KT’s big white van (yeah I really drove…see pic‘s below) let me tell you that it was a really long hot drive down . Let me tell you a few of the things we came across…….

Arizona is special they have designer jails!!! You heard me right they have this jail in Avondale that was really something …..looks like architects auditioned to be able to build it…..looks better than most schools and senior centers…..what’s wrong with that picture????

Anyhoo these folks down south …when you get next to the jails they post these signs that say …..Jail …please do not pick up any hitchhikers!! ……..now is it just me or what but in 2006 is anybody pickin up hitchhikers????

So now we’ve made it to Texas and the 1st thing you see after the big lone star flag is a sign saying “drive friendly’…smile, smile then there’s another sign saying Don’t mess with Texas ….littering fine is $1000.….so we drive on a lil more and there’s another sign saying “drive friendly’….about 30 min. into Texas we got pulled over where a friendly border patrol officer asked us if we had anyone else in the car with us ….(they were looking for illegal’s!!!)

Don’t mess with Texas!!!

Now I have somthin to say to Arnold update our rest stops!!! With the exception that down south they don’t use paper seats the rest stops down there are sooo clean and they all have WIFI!! They are interactive and tell you about the area you are driving thru….and they drive friendly….becuz just like us everyone was afraid to …..MESS WITH TEXAS!!


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