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On the road again

Ok so now the van has been loaded up and we are back on that road !!! Watch out world the Karen/Karin’s are on the road again !!

We are leavin’ Texas today …we didn’t mess with Texas and so they treated us right nice!!!

On they way out KT and I stopped to visit with the “watermelon man” how appropriate for the h2omelon woman !!!

Not sure how many of you folks have been to Texas but it is real picturesque !!! Look at the great pictures of the country churches below !!! Yeah you guessed it you’ll be seein them again real soon.

Before I leave you today …let me tell you again how picturesque Texas is….they had the most beautiful fields filled with bright yellow coreopsis flowers and they had the bold blue of the Texas blue bonnet mixed in as well as the soft lavender of the Texas wine cup so ..you can rest assured that you will find Nappi relaxing in a field of wild flowers soon so be sure to check out the site real regular like so you can get a new picture for that special lil girl in your life.

Be blessed and stop on by tomorrow !!

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