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Hat Magic y'all

Now I was not just workin’ for KT I was networkin‘…too you will be able to catch a lil “Hattitude” at the Black Heritage gallery in Houston ….as soon as Ms Robbie Lee works out the details…..

I know those of you who came here to read about the hats ….are like yeah yeah blah blah blah so here we go gettin to the good stuff! KT’s booth was in the middle of …..you guessed it all the Hat folks !!!!

Rosebud of New York sent her family down to represent her. Then there was La Hatterie of New Orleans ….from where I purchased my 1st really special “Sunday hat” check me out in my hat below….can’t wait until I get to wear it to church …ladies I’m sittin on the front pew blockin everybody’s view!!!

Don’t I look good????

Yes, ladies I have pictures of hat’s stuck in my head !!!! Which will soon be on the site for you to look at …..whoa I’m tired and it’s time to pack and get back on that road ……

y’all come on back tomorrow now ya hear !!!

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