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July 24, 2006

Where does the time go??

Wow where does the time go??

It seems like yesterday when I said I was going to take a few days off from updating my blog and all things associated with my art ….but my goodness 2 days turned into 2 weeks!!! So let me bring you up to speed .....while I was napping my son turned 19 !! (he’s old….I’m still 35 or that‘s what my bio says anyway) My new Sunday hat came and I’m still seeing the Houston hats when I close my eyes!!!

Ok so enough of the hats …..It’s the 23rd of July and the Vallejo Art & Jazz festival is August 25th so I’m back in rush mode trying to get ready for my 1st show in over a year!!

Hey that reminds me… you are gonna come and check me out at the Vallejo Art & Jazz festival right???

Ok so back to the madness….getting ready for the Festival …now this will only be my 2nd outdoor festival and so I need a better way to present my work. 1st I call this company that makes display panels and they quote me $3,000.….hmm that won’t work….so I place an ad on Craig’s list….you got it no response to date…heard from another artist about a guy selling panels …mmm hunh right again he had just sold them…. Ok so I found a stand in the Art store’s catalog that might work and I rush right down to take a look at it & try to make a purchase ….well you guessed it again they don’t sell them at the store only thru the catalog and it takes from 2-3 weeks, for delivery !!

Now remember my original question, Wow where does the time go?!?

When everything else goes left …I turn right … pray and make some art….going upstairs to paint …be blessed & enjoy life …see ya tomorrow.

July 08, 2006

On the road again

Ok so now the van has been loaded up and we are back on that road !!! Watch out world the Karen/Karin’s are on the road again !!

We are leavin’ Texas today …we didn’t mess with Texas and so they treated us right nice!!!

On they way out KT and I stopped to visit with the “watermelon man” how appropriate for the h2omelon woman !!!

Not sure how many of you folks have been to Texas but it is real picturesque !!! Look at the great pictures of the country churches below !!! Yeah you guessed it you’ll be seein them again real soon.

Before I leave you today …let me tell you again how picturesque Texas is….they had the most beautiful fields filled with bright yellow coreopsis flowers and they had the bold blue of the Texas blue bonnet mixed in as well as the soft lavender of the Texas wine cup so ..you can rest assured that you will find Nappi relaxing in a field of wild flowers soon so be sure to check out the site real regular like so you can get a new picture for that special lil girl in your life.

Be blessed and stop on by tomorrow !!

July 06, 2006

Hat Magic y'all

Now I was not just workin’ for KT I was networkin‘…too you will be able to catch a lil “Hattitude” at the Black Heritage gallery in Houston ….as soon as Ms Robbie Lee works out the details…..

I know those of you who came here to read about the hats ….are like yeah yeah blah blah blah so here we go gettin to the good stuff! KT’s booth was in the middle of …..you guessed it all the Hat folks !!!!

Rosebud of New York sent her family down to represent her. Then there was La Hatterie of New Orleans ….from where I purchased my 1st really special “Sunday hat” check me out in my hat below….can’t wait until I get to wear it to church …ladies I’m sittin on the front pew blockin everybody’s view!!!

Don’t I look good????

Yes, ladies I have pictures of hat’s stuck in my head !!!! Which will soon be on the site for you to look at …..whoa I’m tired and it’s time to pack and get back on that road ……

y’all come on back tomorrow now ya hear !!!

July 05, 2006

The " Face of Essence" herself stopped by !!!!

Now after 3 days in Texas, KT and I have learned not to mess with the Texan’s and they have stayed real real friendly!!!

It’s time to set up her booth at the festival ….it’s a good thing we are both wearing tank tops so the girls were able to convince a couple of guys to help us unload that van and get the booth set up….you heard me right!!! We’d still be there unloadin today if we hadn’t …..

so now let me tell you my gurl was the bell of the ball !!! There were so many folks walkin around with her lil purple and lavender bags that the other “Superstar artists” were coming around to seeee who she was…and you know I was slippin my cards in all those bags right ???

Well so now word got around soo much that the face of Essence herself came into the booth and bought a few items as well as placed an order for more !!! We met Susan Taylor !!!!


KT may have no time for me in the near future as MTV…BET and all kind of folks was snappin pictures of that booth !!!!

We met Tina Knowles (that’s right mother of Ms. Bootylicious herself!) see the pics below ….. Karen n Mrs Knowles

July 04, 2006

Road trip....Essence Festival here we come.....

So now you know my life has been crazy hectic with updatin’ my website (www.karenrogersrobinson.com) and all….so I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not but my friend Karin T and I went to the Essence Festival to sell her wares (karinsart.com) which explains why you haven’t seen a posting from me in a while…..

Ok so we drove down to Houston in KT’s big white van (yeah I really drove…see pic‘s below) let me tell you that it was a really long hot drive down . Let me tell you a few of the things we came across…….

Arizona is special they have designer jails!!! You heard me right they have this jail in Avondale that was really something …..looks like architects auditioned to be able to build it…..looks better than most schools and senior centers…..what’s wrong with that picture????

Anyhoo these folks down south …when you get next to the jails they post these signs that say …..Jail …please do not pick up any hitchhikers!! ……..now is it just me or what but in 2006 is anybody pickin up hitchhikers????

So now we’ve made it to Texas and the 1st thing you see after the big lone star flag is a sign saying “drive friendly’…smile, smile then there’s another sign saying Don’t mess with Texas ….littering fine is $1000.….so we drive on a lil more and there’s another sign saying “drive friendly’….about 30 min. into Texas we got pulled over where a friendly border patrol officer asked us if we had anyone else in the car with us ….(they were looking for illegal’s!!!)

Don’t mess with Texas!!!

Now I have somthin to say to Arnold update our rest stops!!! With the exception that down south they don’t use paper seats the rest stops down there are sooo clean and they all have WIFI!! They are interactive and tell you about the area you are driving thru….and they drive friendly….becuz just like us everyone was afraid to …..MESS WITH TEXAS!!