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What is Hattitude?

What is “Hattitude” that’s when a woman’s looks sooo good that she has a little extra spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye! It’s about style and grace, what we stand for – the many hats she wears day-to-day. Hattitude is about our invincible spirit and spunkiness, our compassion and our loving kindness. The hat speaks for a woman “long before she utters a word. It’s her way of saying that as she goes about her day praising and doing the works of the Lord she is honoring him by looking extra good.

As with everything else in the African American community the symbol of hats as meaning you have arrived has spread to the rest of American culture. For some it’s fashion but for the women of the church it’s our way of saying,”Look how God is blessing me!”    

Please share your fond memories of the regal women in your life and examples of their “Hattitude” with me.

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