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Motivation ….or lack there of........

Wow can you believe it’s Friday again!

Every Sunday, I call my sister artist Karin T for inspiration we spend a few hours chatting about everything from religion , men, our families, work and then we get down to business, we talk about our ART!

After doing my bible study and talking to KarinT I was soo inspired . We’d looked up possible vendors for our work; Google’d fellow artists that we know (checking out their websites, looking to see what items we can add to our sites (I’m currently in the process of re-doing my site KT has been thinking of updating hers a well)) checked out Craigslist to see if there were any new art opportunities out there that we could do(gonna submit my artwork to be on a street pole in Santa Rosa). We chatted about our upcoming trip to Houston, Tx. . KarinT is doing the Essence Festival this year (Go KT Go KT) !! We discussed KT’s timeline for completing her work and then it was my turn ….here is where the scary music from the shower scene in Psycho is playing in my head….. So now did I mention I’m re-doing my website …well with that comes deadlines. I have to give the web-designer a break down of what paintings go into which gallery and of course that was really needed 2 weeks ago as the revised site was due to launch 6/1... that’s right we’re using CP time which really means the site will be up just in time for our trip to Houston. Oh yeah back to the list …gotta give the designer some wording to go into each sub-gallery so you good people visiting the site will understand what the pretty pictures are all about. She also needs a list of what type of products my images will be placed on, along with a sample picture of each product so it can be added to the site . Place an order for new business cards and advertising postcards (gonna distribute them at the festival). Need to make a vendor sample package & price list in case one of them responds to my inquiries. Proof read the test site for errors. Locate reference material for my 2 new series’ “Church ladies with hattitude” and “Members of the congregation” Oh and we can’t forget must create new art!!! All of these things need to be completed byyyyyyyyyyyy…..you guessed it Friday !!!

Now of course Sunday when I was bringing my night to a close in my evening prayers I asked the Lord for help in staying focused and motivation to bring my faith inspired work to the public. Not sure what happened the week started out so great ….my lil fingers were flying ..got so many “Church ladies with hattitude” pieces sketched out , sent out inquiry messages…but let’s just say by the time I post this article to my blog space it will be Friday and there are still some unfinished items on the list.

Sooo it’s Friday and being the slacker that I am I find myself with 8 hours to order my postcards and business cards , complete my vendor price list (as luck would have it I got a response from a vendor and haven’t finished my price list yet!). Proofread my site and create a piece for the “Members of the congregation “ series .

Ughhhhhhhhhh what to do what to do ……well when your backs against the wall any good woman will pray and then go shopping. So when KT e-mailed me and asked if I wanted to join her on her excursions to Trillium (that’s an art publisher ) and Tracy chop shop( a picture framer) I said sure !! Feed the baby dog (that’s Diamond my tea cup poodle) and fixed myself up so I could roll ….and of course I got down on my knee’s and prayed ….that when I get back today I’ll have the focus and drive to finish the last few things on my list. Lucky for me I’m an X’er (Generation X= digital baby) all of my remaining tasks except for the sketch can be done 24x7 on the computer!!!

So I’m off with KT on our excursion ….I’ve posted a before and after of a picture belonging to the “Church ladies with hattitude for you ….feel free to post your thoughts. Not sure with the Hattitude is about read the previous post .

Be blessed & enjoy life!~~~~~~Karen

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