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About Karen
Karen Rogers-Robinson Art is expressive! My belief is that painting is a gift from God for artists to showcase the things that are really important in life ... family, music and color. All of these are gifts from God.

I am inspired most by the sounds of music, the beautiful colors and images that it brings to mind. Depending on the style of the song, I'll use vibrant, radiant bright colors or deep moody ones. Each scene is the essence and spirit of music and what it means in the African-American community whether it is the joyful noise of Gospel, the Rhythmic sounds of tribal drums, the rhetoric of Hip Hop/R&B or the sultry sounds of Jazz.

I hope my paintings and limited edition prints will awaken people's appreciation of music. "Let the spirit of the music move you" is more than just a phrase; it's what this artist tries to display in her works of art.

Karen and her family currently reside in Northern California's West Contra Costa County.
New Work
My new series of works features the ladies of the congregation and their quest to find a bit of Heaven in a hatbox.

Growing up I loved visiting my Big Mama's church, just to get a look at Big Mama and the other ladies of the congregation with their hats. The women would be dressed all fancy in their pretty dresses but the special ladies of the church like Big Mama and the women on the Deaconess board and others also came with big beautiful hats. Crowns if you will; it seems to me that those hats told a story about the strength and savvy of the women wearing them.

Spring and summer time were especially pleasant times to attend church as the hats would be bigger and brighter colored than the other times of the year. I hope my drawings of the ladies of the congregation bring back fond memories of regal African American women their stories, music and food along with their attempts of finding Heaven in a hatbox, for you.
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